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Fête Fusion

Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 5 pm

Indulge in a night of unparalleled taste at Iconiq's "Fête Fusion," where $120 secures your seat to a five-course journey through Asian and European culinary traditions. On June 23, 2024, at 5 PM, savor unique dishes like Scallop Mousse Spring Rolls and Grilled Lamb Bibimbap. Don’t miss this exclusive event—perfect for adventurous foodies eager to explore bold flavors in a single spectacular evening. Secure your reservation now and prepare for an unforgettable dining adventure!


Chef Toshiyuki Kawai

Chef Kawai grew up eating Japanese food in his home town of Osaka, Japan. Since moving to Seattle, he has cooked European cuisine at several different notable restaurants, such as 'Luc', 'Harvest Vine', and 'Book Bindery'. During his training at Seattle's very own South Seattle College he discovered his fascination with "umami" (旨味). This has lead Chef Kawai to establish his own culinary style, combining Japanese simplicity with French creativity.


Nothing brings Chef Kawai greater happiness than providing his patrons a taste of France with a Japanese twist. Through iconiq, he's able to share his love of food with those eager for a one-of-kind culinary experience.  And for that, he is sincerely grateful.

Photo of Chef and Owner of iconiq, Chef Toshiyuki Kawai in a blue apron with a white Chef's jacket holding a tray of black cod infront of an industrial fridge.

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